San Francisco Deportation Defense Attorney

When an immigration crisis hits, life as you know it could be ending. You face the prospect of deportation and the loss of your residency in the United States. In this situation, you need effective representation immediately.

The Law Offices of Jorge Rodriguez-Choi is dedicated to helping people overcome the possibility of deportation/removal and achieve legal residency in the United States. Attorney Jorge Rodriguez-Choi is a strong and experienced advocate with a record of success in challenging cases. He works tenaciously at every stage of the legal process to get results for his clients.

Quick and effective legal representation


The Law Offices of Jorge Rodriguez-Choi responds quickly to an immigration crisis. If a family member or loved one has been detained, we will try to get him or her released from detention. Attorney Jorge Rodriguez-Choi will then work to prevent a final deportation order and to legalize your loved one’s status in this country.  A significant part of the practice is devoted to providing defense in Immigration Court in San Francisco.  Attorney Jorge Rodriguez-Choi works with people of all different nationalities in the San Francisco and Oakland area and is able to offer bilingual language assistance for Hispanic clients.

Has your visa or green card application been denied?

Are you facing allegations of immigration fraud? The firm can file an immigration appeal that can keep you in the United States until we can obtain a final resolution of your case.

The firm also represents clients who have been arrested on criminal charges in deportation defense actions.  Illegal entry, overstaying a visa, non-compliance with immigration rules, marriage fraud and criminal convictions are just a few examples of violations that can lead to deportation and removal proceedings.  Deportation efforts escalated in 1996 when two federal immigration laws were passed — the Antiterrorism and Effective Death Penalty Act (AEDPA) and the Illegal Immigration Reform and Immigrant Responsibility Act (IIRAIRA).

Because of these laws, immigrants with misdemeanors or relatively minor visa violations may face deportation, even for behavior that occurred prior to 1996.  A criminal action not considered an aggravated felony at the time the crime was committed, but later re-classified as such under current laws, may also be cause for deportation.

Additionally, attorney Jorge Rodriguez-Choi assists clients seeking asylum due to their religion, political opinion, social group or race. Whatever the nature of your immigration crisis, the Law Offices of Jorge Rodriguez-Choi will respond with strong advocacy and skillful representation.

Experience you can depend on


Jorge Rodriguez-Choi has represented clients in numerous deportation and removal defense cases and many immigration appeals. He provides advice, services and representation in family immigration matters, including marriage fraud.

In your case, you will have the confidence of knowing that an experienced advocate is doing everything possible to achieve your goals.

Effective San Francisco immigration help

Many immigrants under threat of deportation need skilled deportation defense to protect their rights.  The Law Offices of Jorge Rodriguez-Choi uses various legal remedies and strategies when defending clients against deportation, including:

•        Citizenship and Naturalization
•        Waivers of removal for Lawful Permanent Residents
•        Filing for registry or legalization
•        Temporary Protection Status
•        Adjustment of Status
•        Asylum and Withholding of Removal
•        Suspension of Deportation, including relief under the NACARA.
•        Cancellation of Removal for both Lawful Permanent Residents and the undocumented.
•        Waiver of inadmissibility
•        U Visa and other relief under Violence Against Women Act

Contact a qualified deportation defense attorney in San Francisco or Oakland

Call the Law Offices of Jorge Rodriguez-Choi at (415) 912.1000 or contact the firm online. Attorney Jorge Rodriguez-Choi offers a free 10-minute telephonic assessment. The firm serves clients in San Francisco, Santa Clara, Santa Cruz, Fresno, and Alameda County, as well as throughout California.