New USCIS Center Is Good News For Some Of Its Worst Backlog Victims

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) is opening a new service center to try to fix some of its most egregious backlogs. The agency reportedly has already reassigned 150 employees – and plans to have over 300 – to staff a virtual service center, which will eventually operate fully remotely (though it will accept paper as well as online applications).

Since it can’t be named after its location like most centers, it will be named the HART Service Center after the types of cases it plans to adjudicate: Humanitarian, Adjustments, Removing Conditions, and Travel Documents. Specifically, USCIS has confirmed that the center will process four types of forms – all of which involve urgent cases involving violence, persecution, and/or family unity and have become subject to processing delays of over a year to five years.

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